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6th step to Be a successful boss -
Trust Yourself!
I drove with my friends to the place where I didn't
exactly know. My friend's husband sat next to me for
giving the direction. When I drove to the first left on the road, he told
me to stay at the right lane and I followed what he said. Suddenly, he
shouted me to turn left when I drove according to the way. Actually,
the road has three lanes; left lane suppose to be turned left, middle and
right lanes are going to straight ; right lane can also turns right but not
allowed turn left! I said, "
What?" I drove laboriously to cut all the lanes
and turned left while the other drivers were pushed horn to me. It was
so dangerous! I told him why he should not request me to stay at the
right lane first if I needed to turn left. He looked aware what he give me
a wrong signal.
How To Be A Successful Boss?
Give you 6 pair of keys to open your management intelligence!

Key 1: Treat your customer - Produce happy always happens in your store.

Key 2: Treat your staff - Pay fair to what they done for you. Remember "Money can make
people work for you

Key 3: Treat your partner - Patient of misunderstand moment! No one is the same!

Key 4: Treat your commercial competition - Pay attention! No forever friend or enemy!

Key 5: Treat your relative businesses - Permit constructive plan but prohibit the trick that
especially to fool you for asking the money!

Key 6: Treat yourself - Perform your biz in real condition, do not fool yourself!
After a few blocks, I stopped at the traffic red light. He strongly said,
Turn right! Turn right! You can turn right!" It was so sudden; I was
fool to follow him. Fortunately, the police wasn't there. I seriously to
warned him that, "
Sir, here is New York City and the city's traffic law
is not allowed right turn when the traffic light is "Red". That's
different between with the other out of states!
" He replied me as "I
said you can turn when it's green…" I strongly to answer back him that
he never said
"Green" this word! Apparently, he did the wrong signal to
mislead me again! My friend who his wife, told me to pardon him because
he has no driver's license! He just wanted to be a volunteer help me. I
said, "
What? Oh, my goodness!"

My friends, bosses! Please trust yourself when you're driving your
businesses on the road! There is so much dangerous to give out
your life (business) especially when the chatty braggers sit behind
you who looked like the professional!
Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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