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2nd step to Be a successful boss -
Put people on your system!
Create an entirely system and put the people on!

If you were a sole biz owner, you would say you don't need
management because the biz only yourself there without the other
people. This is wrong! You need create an entirely system to fetch
people on your business.

Working system - It is a part of biz production on the system that
leads workers easy to follow the way and make biz sales efficiency. It
hiring, training, biz policy, staff rules, security monitor
worker wages…etc. Set up a worker's guideline consolidate your
management and protect your business going well.
How To Be A Successful Boss?
Selling System - It is the front part of sales system that makes money from people to your
business directly; you should create your own selling system to increase your biz sales. It doesn't
mean you need to put much money on it unless you make the right way.
For example; the people
make money with the commission system for selling product; such as Affiliate Program or Ad
Publisher Program. It can be z
ero cost to create appropriate program and let people to join you.
And then help you to make money!

Managing System - It is an important part of business foundation that maintains all of the
parts and keeps biz running normally such as
accounting, production , promotion , sales &
technique support
and customer care…etc.
No matter from sole to small, medium to big business. If you were an owner, you have to organize,
assort and maintain all of the departments in your business management. A good system can make
people work for you and help you gain the money. Otherwise, inefficient failed your business. The
typically happens in the self-employed biz; they suffer to work all the parts of the management
until exhaustion. That because of the owners always think their businesses small, they want to
save money so that why only to keeping runs on "
one-man-biz" and difficultly to growing big.

Make people hit the system button. Think big and then your business will being big!
For example; it's always happen on sole or 2 partnership small
businesses. I used to see the store's owner always argue with his
customers that regarding the price bargain. The owner probably thought
he is an owner so he can fight with anyone in his store but he forgot
he's already step on the sales alert. He has been a sale to serve the
customer before argued. The customers won't care of who the owner is
there until the problem happens. He was carelessly to put him in the
hard moment. Also then, the worker will follow his way to treat his
customers. The worker concept is, "
That's not the problem to do it
because my boss always fights with his customers and he doesn't
Few of smart biz owners will feel headache and reflect of their "
Free style
", it will destroy their biz and tough to stop if once the
workers copied their bad behavior. Therefore, make the right system for
workers before hired and do not put yourself in the system.
Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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