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3rd step to Be a successful boss -
To learn Management!
It would be not worked if you have no management to
support your biz system. Management is a core of the system to
maintain all departments together. No matter you have never studied
management in school. You can get any way to enhance your managed
skill when you are a biz owner. First of all, you have to know
4 main
elements (
TOME) of the management control; Time, Organization,
Money and Emotion
How To Be A Successful Boss?
Organized - When I was a trainer for a managed company, I discovered people have the skill
problems to control this part. It is very hard to learn how to organize in the management although
you understood the timing control.
For example; my business has planned to create and develop
10 of sites, the project will happens in this year. How can I do? Therefore, my staff and I
have to make an entire plan to complete and organize all of the steps; such as which the site goes
first? Which's the next? How they can handle in the same time? You can't do the steps without
You can make money if you known how to organized!

Money Control
- You can't control the money until that is your money! I mean to control your
money! I saw many business owners have never realized the regarding expenses of their
businesses. They might be paid too much or even the items that they don't have to pay but they
never known. To be a smart boss, you have to read through all of the biz financial reports and
avoid drain your money on the unnecessary parts!

Emotion Control - You just put the people on after you done the system. No problem at all!
However, the emotion!
We are human, so we have the emotion problems! And even you are a boss! Can you stand in the
middle when the arguing happens? Can you really control yourself in pressure?

Time Control - Time is very extremely important thing and never gotten
turns back. That why we have to setting business hours; workers get
pay by working hours, conference always in the morning; sales in
afternoon; go out at night or get online at home … all stuffs are getting
on time!
It was so bad story in many years ago! I used to disappear in the
morning conference room and my staffs blindly waited for me because I
was always late. After several times I still didn't change; eventually,
they quietly to leave my office and never come back again because they
felt to waste their time on the endlessly waiting and there won't give
them any future! Seriously, it's my precious experience for all business
owners; do not think you are a boss so you can supercilious to be later!
Definitely, you don't have to make the same schedule with your
employees but at least; get on time at the meeting, treat equally for
anyone who wants to working with your business.
Therefore please
adjust your habit-late coming; you'd better to get on time!

Steps to Be a successful boss
The 3rd Step - To learn Management
The 6th Step - Trust Yourself
The 10th Step - <The Page is Coming soon>
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