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7th step to Be a successful boss -
Break Down Strike Movement!
Strike Movement won't happen suddenly. It would be
annoyed you in a moment and irritated the
battle of
. The groups usually will through election to votes and
eligible to start the strike movement. Otherwise, it is illegal if without
through the election. The date of strike should inform to the company's
employers and declaration of the strike movement would be happened if
without to solve the problem before the deadline. So, if really occurred
and you have to dismiss it within the limited time!

Why the strike will happen?
The Strike movement is started from the workers. You have to concern
of the
Three typically majority reasons;
1. Money - Wages, Benefits or Compensation which is not reach their
standard require.
2. Career - positions, schedules decrease or variation.
3. Policy - Rush to put the new policy or new rule to confined workers
that they feel unfair and hard to follow.
How To Be A Successful Boss?
What the Boss's solutions
1. Find out who the strike leader is
-- You know how to do if you knew who instigator(s) is /
are. Their characters, mental attributes, personally advantage and disadvantage could be the
factors for conciliation.
2. Call your Lawyer should stay with you -- To make your each step goes legally and logically.
3. Hired a negotiator -- The person who has a good skill and professional for communication.
Everyone can be a mediator but he / she would not be a member of any parts. There he or she
can easily, objective to solve the problems that without any subjectivism and pressure.
4. Find out what the problems of -- The problem usually related about the worker benefits.
Listen! It's not really many people imagine the Boss real situation unless he / she has ever be
there! Majority strikers would not even they don't want to understand the fact, they always
putting the "
Greedy", "Cheater of the workers" , …etc of those unfairly images to describe
Bosses. I know boss would be selfish and the worker would be demand. In fact, incompatibility
between of
2 sides, we have to pardon for each other! Be honest, it's extremely hard to run a
business while the money is not enough. Sometimes, we need to cut down some jobs and other
expenses to maintain business. Especially, many businesses were closed last year that because
difficultly to afford, and also to cause many people in unemployment. We both have to make
compromise at the balance point to let us survive in transition.
Solution - Bosses can control the speed to slow down their new projects if it impaired employees
and business; or re-put it in the right time with the right protocol. It can conciliate workers
conceded back to their work positions finally.
5. Adjust your attitude -- strike is annoyed and irritates your emotion. However, your attitude is
a hinge of relief the tense. Argue only turn confusion. Therefore, calm down and be cool. Also,
please do not forget to take care of them with your enthusiasm.

The real example; "W" Beverage Company Strike Movement happened last summer. The strikers
sat quietly at playground. The company's owner worried of his workers in hot weather, and then
he sent some food and drinks to them that included breakfast, lunch and dinner until the
negotiation done. The strike was gone soon because his attitude.

6. Strategy -- Timing! Try to mediate in shortly. The strikers like delay the time to force you
compromise the unfair demands before the negotiation done. The way to make you lost money and
customers if the strike continued.
7. Tactic -- Hiring some new workers to fill the empty positions and try to keep business running
normal. Meanwhile, grouping your non-strike expert to be trainers for assisting new staffs because
they are the keys of your biz to let new staffs get more understand of how to work on your
system. The best workers can enhance to be supervisors; that is making a chance to stable your
internal management.
8. Convert System -- convert worker distribution and balance workers amount at all
departments; and decrease unnecessary works for making biz run down easily.
9. Customer Care Enhancement -- Notice to customers about new offers and Set up an
emergency team to concern of what they need.
What type of workers will show up at this moment?
1. Striker
- who join and instigate strike.
2. Neutral - who be relevance to stand at the middle.
3. Protector - who want protects to and stand by employer's side.

Whoever stay on which position, I believe they have the same mind for
just wanting to save their jobs and get what they want! Otherwise, they
can leave if they don't like to work there! No one really wants to involve
in the battle!
You have a fair right to get help from government as same as worker!
To seek the police's assisted if the strike becomes a riot.
ii). After strike election, contact Government Counsel interfere the event if discovered the Union
vote was unfair to employer. The typical example was Unite, union of UK airline; the High Court
overturned and issued an order to prohibited the strike happens on Christmas period last year that
because Union made illegal action.
While and After strike - Instigator (the strike leader) that person usually upon his /her
personally Heroism, he or she would influence the team and impact the management. You have to
build a strong
"staff care team" and trainers distribute to all department; give the message to
workers about the new guidance, listen and care of what they say; to fade out the strike's leader
Heroism" image; isolate the suspense person or groups if their heroism kept to instigate the belief
to workers of "
I can threaten My boss if Strike happens again!" The team can report to you
directly without get through any department managers!
Beware: You can't terminate the related strikers and instigators at the strike movement because
that is a prohibition in the
Labor law; unless their work expression did not achieve your biz
expectation; or they violated your staff guideline that seriously to impair the other workers.
Otherwise, be kind to workers! Welcome they back and work for you again! Your management
should always rewrite the policy for protecting business. You'd better to advise your lawyer of
settle the legal business policy and agreement. The best way is "
Stop battle, build a peaceful
working environment
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Steps to Be a successful boss
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