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Prevent the Battle occurs in employment
There have two extremely opposed directions appear in the employment relationship!
However, try to think that's fair in fact on the commercialism.
The bosses need people, so they pay them money to work for their biz. Relatively, workers need money.
They have to spend their time to exchange their money.
People have always getting trouble between in human relationship because the emotions. We don't have to
arguing for it. Biz should not have any personal emotion. To balance of two sides, we both should have a fair
request for each other.
The belief is One sell + one buy = fair
Get the "two wins" on an employment relationship!
What bosses want?
What workers want?
"How much should I get and how much what I do!"
On the Labor side; you have the right to refuse work over times and over works if you have not getting the right wages and benefits.
However, please do not fight for it when you decided to get the job. Especially, it occurs after the economic storm. Now, employees
tolerate to work more hours but getting the same or fewer wages with the extra works; that because they need to hold the jobs for
affording their families expenses. Somehow, people rather to have a job, no matter is a "
poor job", they believe that better than no job,
especially in this tough moment.
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