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Have you ever felt in a dilemma whether to
have business or job?
Work -- For the employee's minds, the "Work" has time limit, temporary and meaningless because they
work for someone but themselves. A part of life time to exchange the money for survive.
"After Five, my work is done and then get off this boring office!" Lovely office ladies said.

Job = career -- The time limited should be longer than work. It sounds like take more responsibility
engage to the work.
"You have to finish it because that is your job!" Does your boss always yell you like that?! :)

Business -- People work for you when you own the business. Your job is making money. The relationship
means you marry to your business. It would be make you work for your whole life. So then,
you will say:
"I have my business of …!"

In fact, people feel afraid of job seeking or job losing after global people soaked in economic storm. It is
difficult to push on the market even quitted or lost the job; people will feel diffident to develop a new
business at this moment.

So, when is the best time?

You can keep the job that you might be hate it. Meanwhile, create your biz online; there have 2 ways to
make money for you
- that way for your job pay by hours; the other way is your Web biz works in 24/7….
If one day you lost the job, you still have your business!

What do you think? Is it good idea? Hum! I have ever tried that way!

Does "Business" means "Work"?
First of all, you should have to know, "Works for whom?"

People always say, "
I have to work.", "I have a job.", and "I have the business." However, what different
between "
Work", "Job" and "Business"? The definition is complicated different!
So again, when is a good time?

Definitely, timing is very important for every moment whenever in worst or perfect!
Now! It's a time to start your biz! To do your own boss, learn to put your biz online, let money work
for you!
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